The symbols.

The basics.
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The symbols.

Postby admin » Sun May 15, 2016 6:08 pm

The most basic symbol should reflect the Force - the Wave of Life, travelling through the static Universe. Hence:

logo -green2.png
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The main symbol. The meaning is obvious.

logo - red2.png
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Red Line. The symbol of those, who proactively move the religion forward, such as proselytes and priests.

NB: there will not be any professional Sith priests. Professional priesthood is the bane of any religion, leading to the loss of the true meaning. We connect to the Force through actions in the real world. Connecting to the Force through monkhood, meditation, etc - is not our way.

logo - purple2.png
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Purple Line. The symbol of Sith Arbiters, Inquisitors and (potentially, if ever created) Tribunal.

- Sith Arbiters - the intermediaries, who use their knowledge and wisdom to assess the conflicts in the real world. Legal education/experience is welcome.
- Sith Inquisitors - those who investigate and form opinions on the matters regarding our religion.

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