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Here is a "Dark Side technique" for you: talk to your parents.

No matter what you do, they've been here longer than you. They had their own lives with their own wealth of experience. And they spent a sizeable chunk of their time thinking about you.

Some of their judgements and observations may seem dated, but, after a closer look, may turn out less dated than you think. Human brain hasn't evolved much over the last thousand years, so the differences that we see between modern people and characters of Shakespeare's plays are far smaller than the similarities (hence the lasting popularity of those plays). And the "generation gap" is more of an illusion rather than something real.

Some things in your life they won't understand - pick the ones they do and talk about those. Sometimes they may be mistaken about who you are (especially if you lived away from them for a long time) - don't be upset with them about it, "agree to disagree".

This is so obvious that it may sound strange. Why even mention it? Because, in fact, it's very important to mention it early on. Examples of the opposite attitude are abundant.

For instance, if we look at "the" movie, we see a very peculiar thing: the attitude of Jedi towards parents. Lucas, as a great artist, painted the picture that rings very true, in spite of being fictional.

It would be very easy for the Jedi to buy out Anakin's mother out of slavery (for now, we are not touching the subject of the existence of slavery in the great and good Galactic Republic). Those guys were running the Galaxy, controlling budgets sufficient to create armies. And Anakin was their "Chosen One", their messiah. And yet, they didn't do it - they made a point out of it. He was supposed to forget his mother, stop caring about her. And remembering her was the beginning of his "fall".

All the crazy cults that ever existed started with one thing. The thing that is the basis of any psychological warfare: breaking up the families.

We are not one of those cults.

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