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On Jedi.

Postby admin » Tue May 24, 2016 8:33 pm

Jedi arbitrarily divide the Force into "Dark" and "Light" sides, and limit themselves to the "Light side".

First, this makes connecting to the Force that much more difficult. Probably, nigh impossible, because the Force is one. Still, those Jedi who know what they are doing, most likely ignore this division and attempt to connect to the Force using the practices similar to zen-buddhism.

Second, this division conveniently takes away part of the responsibility for one's actions. "I was seduced by the Dark Side" is pretty much the same as the medieval version: "I was posessed by a demon". From this standpoint, you are not responsible for your actions, you are just a poor little thing, toyed with by cosmic forces. Yeah, right, very handy.

Third, and most difficult to explain (and definitely open for a serious discussion): the "certain point of view". "Things depend greatly on the point of view", "Only Sith deals in absolutes", etc., etc. A flexibility of opinion, which allows putting some twist on facts and calling it "the truth from a certain point of view". Taken to the end, might not even depend on facts at all. That, in turn, leaves a very little step to the moral relativity, which (at the time) Catholic Pope Benedict XVI called the main problem of today's mankind.

In any case, Jedi are welcome on this forum and any other Sith gathering.

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